Rates & Fees

For borrowers facing any cash flow problem, a cash loan from FederalMoneyLoans.com’s network of lenders can be a great alternative to other credit options. Lenders in the FederalMoneyLoans.com network usually offer rates that are similar to those you would find at a short-term storefront creditors but without the hassle of driving and filling out paperwork, and without the embarrassment that can come with requesting an advance in person. The final loan terms, APRs and fees that to your loan will be determined by your lender. Your lender may base their charges on several factors, including but not limited to your personal information, your requested loan amount, and information about your employment and income. Because FederalMoneyLoans.com is not a direct lender, we cannot provide you with the exact rates and fees that will to your loan. We can assure you, however, that our service is FREE to use and that you are under no obligation to accept any presented offer for any reason. Be sure to review the rate and fee information provided by your lender before you decide whether to accept your loan offer.


Repayments can be flexible: some loan types may require being paid back on the borrower’s next pay date, but exact repayment structures vary by each lender. Be sure to thoroughly review the information provided by your lender regarding your repayment period and terms before accepting your loan. To help you avoid defaulting on your loans or incurring any late fees, your lender may give the option to set-up automatic payment(s) directly from your bank account. All repayment information will be provided by your lender when you decide to accept your loan, so be sure to read and fully understand all of your lender's policies regarding repayment, late or non-payment penalties, and your obligations as a borrower before you e-sign and accept.

Associated Costs

FederalMoneyLoans.com is and always will be FREE to use. If you are connected with and approved by a lender, the cost of your loan will be determined by the initial principal amount, interest, and any additional fees charged by the lender. Interest rates will vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to the total loan amount and the duration of the loan. In addition, origination and documentation fees may be included for certain lenders and in certain states. Your lender will provide you with this information, and you should always review all the associated costs before executing your loan agreement.

Lender’s Full Disclosure of Terms

The Federal Truth in Lending Act requires that lenders provide borrowers with full disclosure of all loan fees, terms, and interest rates. Your lender should disclose all of these fees and rates to you before you decide whether or not to accept your loan offer. If you decide to accept the loan terms, most lenders will direct you to an e-signature page, where you will be asked to provide your electronic signature to complete the loan process. Please take the time to read your loan agreement thoroughly before accepting and e-signing it.

Late Payment Policy

All lenders must abide by applicable laws, rules, and regulations regarding late payment fees and penalties. Late payment policies may vary based on the lender and the state in which you reside. However, all of this information will be disclosed in the paperwork provided by your lender. Make sure to review and understand the presented late payment policy details before accepting and signing your loan agreement.

Non-Payment Policy

Our reputable lenders are dedicated to using lawful, fair and reasonable means to pursue collections of overdue accounts. In the case of non-payment, your lender may charge you additional fees. Additionally, lenders may place your account in collections and/or report non-payment to one or more credit bureaus, which could have a negative impact on your credit score. Non-payments are highly discouraged, and defaults can have a negative impact on borrower’s credit-worthiness for future opportunities.

Loan Renewal Policy

Loan renewal policies are largely governed by state law. In states where renewals are allowed, additional interest and late fees may be added to your final loan amount, so these should be avoided whenever possible. Be sure to read your lender's terms regarding loan renewal options before signing your loan agreement.

Standard Loan Terms

The specific terms of your loan can only be provided by your lender and will vary depending on several factors. Some common loan terms include a loan amount of $100 - $35,000 and a payment period based on the borrower’s pay cycle. These terms are examples only and the final terms of the loan you are offered may differ.

Sample Loan Cost & APR*

The chart below provides an example of the possible costs of a short-term loan from FederalMoneyLoans.com’s network of lenders. This chart is provided as an example only – please review the documents provided by your lender to understand the actual costs of your particular loan.

Loan Amount Loan Term APR Monthly Payment Total Cost
$1,000 12 Months 20% $92.63 $1,111.56
$5,000 24 Months 15% $242.43 $5,818.32
$10,000 36 Months 10% $322.67 $11,616.12

* Please note that this list is for informational purposes only, is not intended to be legal advice, and may not be accurate or up to date at all times. If you have a specific question about laws or regulations applicable to you, please ask your lender directly or consult a legal adviser. Lending statutory provisions pertaining to personal loans may vary state to state.